Marriage is good when you have a spouse that makes your blood run. Here are 16 ways to tease your spouse and keep him/ her thirsty for you

1. Buy good Underwear: Ladies, men have a thing for boobs. It does not matter how small or big your breasts are, men have a thing for their shape and nipples. Invest in a good bra, find what works for your breasts. No one else gets to see your breasts, so wear a bra that he will look at and want to undress you.

2. Work out with your spouse: There is something sexy about jogging, push ups, sit ups, sweat, tight sports wear pants that teases the eyes. Work out with your spouse, he/she will see your body movements as you exercise and desire you.

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3.Show the fullness of your crouch: Gentlemen, wear a nice fitting boxer, the kind that shows your penis loaded inside. She will see you walking around in it in the bedroom and want to strip you. Yes, women love eye candy too.

4. Flirt on The Phone: When you are both far from each other, send naughty messages to each other. Stimulate your spouse even when distance separates you. Let it be that when your spouse thinks of making love he/she thinks of you. Grown ups think of love making a lot.

5. Kiss playfully: Don’t rush the kisses. Play with the tongue, prolong the kisses. Make your spouse relax.

6. Grab her butt: Whether she has a big or small butt; creep up from behind her as she cooks, works or moves about the house. Women love it when their husband hold and touch them confidently in a way that makes her feel wanted.

7. Touch the center of his pants: Dear wife, your husband’s penis belongs to you. Out of the blue, place your hand on his pants and rub it gently. Even if he is busy, tease him so that he knows he is about to get some good loving once he is done with work or, he can get some of your good loving then get back to work.

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8. Make out: So many married people don’t make out, they just go straight into orgasms. Create quality time for making out where you kiss as your hands move on each other’s body. Rub, touch, feel. Take your time.

9. Whisper fantasies: Whisper into your spouse’s ear the things you will do for him/her. It’s a shame how so many married people text to other people their sexual fantasies yet they find it difficult to tell them to their spouse. Turn on your spouse, not other men/women.

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10. Massage: Your fingers are one of the most powerful teasing weapons. Let your spouse lie down and massage him/her. Release all the tension in his/her body then touch the erogenous spots on his/her skin. Notice how he/she gets excited then insist that he/she should relax, you are not yet done.

11. Bend over in front of him: Ladies, you have something your husband wants behind you. Deliberately position your butt in front of him. Bend, wear tights when with him, show your curves. Show off your butt to him, he doesn’t need the butt of the women walking in the streets.

12. Be playful: Adults also have games. Let him chase you as he sees your breasts jumping up and down. Lay her down and come on top of her and tell her how beautiful she looks. Blind fold him and place his hands on parts of your body and tell him to guess what part of your body he is touching. Play a game of strip poker.

13. Sleep naked: As you two talk, the visible and easy to reach nipples, butt, curves, penis and vagina will be a strong tease.

14. Make naughty jokes: Talk suggestively to your spouse.

15. Breathe on your spouse: Your voice and how you breathe can be such a turn on.

16. Push up your body on him: When you two are sleeping, position your butt on his penis, allow him to feel your curve

May your sex life be enjoyable. But remember, all these only work when you treat your spouse well when sex is not involved. How much your spouse finds you sexy depends on how you treat him/her

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