Horrible! Pretty 23-Year-Old Stabbed 17 Times By Boyfriend For Turning Down His Proposal

Man stabbed girlfriend 17 times for refusing to marry him

Dailymail had reported the story of a young 23-year-old woman identified as Shaknoza Abdikayumova, who was stabbed 17 times by her 26-year-old boyfriend, Ali Kulbaev, for refusing to marry him. Ali succeeded in killing Shaknoza and then turned the knife on himself but failed to commit suicide in Ufa, Russia. Before the attack he posted on his social media: ‘It’s enough that Allah knows good deeds from sins.’ In another message he wrote: ‘There is no way back, only forwards.’   Kulbaev, from Uzbekistan, is today in intensive care and is expected…

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Oh No! Reason Why 15-Year-Old Wife Poisoned Husband, Sister And Half-Brother Will Shock You!

15-year-old wife poisoned husband, sister and half a brother in Katsina

  A very young 15-year-old housewife, Dausiya Abdulmuminu has been nabbed by the Katsina State Police Command for allegedly poisoning her husband, Samilu Usman, 27, and half-brother, Mohammed Abdulmuminu, leading to their untimely death. Confirming the story, Spokesperson for the command, DSP Gambo Isah, said on Friday that the lady had been detained at the Bakori Police Division. The young wife Abdulmuminu allegedly committed the offence on December 18 at the Dan Mayaki village in Bakori Local Government Area of the state. Reason being that she doesn’t want her husband…

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Denouncing Throne For A While, African King Becomes Gardener In Canada For A Purpose 

African King who goesbto Canada to become gardener just to cater for his subjects

King Eric Manu, the King of Akan, located in the village of Adansi Aboabo in Ghana, has returned to Canada to resume his job as a gardener in order to raise money to provide health care for the people he is ruling. Manu became king when his 67-year-old uncle, Dat, passed away in 2016. After living in Canada for three years with his wife and son, he had moved back to his town in southern Ghana to take up his birthright. He told CTV News, “It’s a huge experience. You…

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5 Reasons Why You Are Still Single (For Men), Work On These And You Are Good To Go!

  Being in a healthy relationship is a great thing. If you are a guy and is not in a relationship then here are five reasons why you could be single and how to get your game up. 1 You Are Not Taking Action If you are a guy of dating age and you are still single today then one of the reasons could be that you are not taking action. All you do is sit around, feel sorry for yourself and simply dream of how much better your life…

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Urinating Before S*x Increases The Risk Of Developing Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

  Women should not urinate before s*x to reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI), Dailymail reports. According to one expert, this piece of advice, commonly heard among women, could even increase the chances of getting one. New York City urologist, David Kaufman explained the idea females should pee before intercourse is one of the biggest misconceptions he has to address with patients in his clinic. He stresses that urinating after s*x is important, but warns going to the bathroom beforehand is not advisable. Indeed, he told…

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