Kenyan man gets rejected by girlfriend amidst proposal

There is nothing more devastating and frustrating than rejection. Rejection from your loved ones especially the one you think you will end up with. A Kenyan man identified as Alfie had the nightmare of his life while attempting to propose to his woman inside a packed eatery in Nairobi. He was rejected woefully when she walked out on him as he reaches to put the ring on. Alfie was left shame-faced and heartbroken. . According to Alfie, he is to blame for their relationship deteriorating because he misunderstood her all these times. “I thought all she needed was a male figure in her life, but to her, she needed my time and attention. She needed me to be a responsible man. I made mistakes because I did not understand the real meaning of love” Now, he has spoken out revealing a relationship marred by an emotional rollercoaster. The lady also said her piece. She reportedly said Alfie confuses her so much because at one point he is very affectionate and in the next, he is cold and uses harsh words that pushes her away”. Sometimes we don’t just understand the real meaning of this word love, you can’t love someone and use harsh words one the person… I really think the lady did a brave and wise thing. I should enjoy my man not endure my man. What do you think?

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