5 Life Saving Tips For Anyone In A Distance Relationship

Life, they say can get hard sometimes. We just have to adapt and show life we are capable of any shit coming. As couples, you can end up been asked to depart from one another for a while, it could be because of your work, ministry or anything. But anyhow it is, that isn’t an avenue for you and your partner to mess around.

  Here again, I listed out and explained ways you can still retain that fire burning in your partner for the period you aren’t around…

  • Send photos – It may seem egotistical, or you may be uncomfortable with selfies, but your partner do want to see your face and there is never enough of your face to see, so keep sending them those photos. Smiling, funny, happy, naughty photos. It will take their mind off those cute girls and guys they see around. Send photos of your breast as a girl, yes it is allowed. After all, he is your partner. Just don’t allow the fire go down. Keep it burning in him/her.
  • Have conversations constantly – Always be on the look out when he/she is less busy and call. Have a long nice talk, ask about his/her day. Don’t be in a rush to end the call, buy enough call card and spend talking because that leisure time he/she had might be spent in the arms of a waiting lady/guy. That isn’t cheating, that is “I am lonely and I need companion” so keep him/her busy in that leisure time and believe me when you hang up, he/she will keep smiling and forget there is a waiting girl/guy around.
  • Wake up with him/her in mind — Make sure that you always say good morning and  good night even
    if it’s just with a text. Wish him/her goodluck in the day’s troubles. That will start his/her day knowing someone cares. In the night, call and say good night, he/she would not stay out with someone because he/she knows your call will soon enter.
  • Skype, video chat, it aids too. Go crazy! Show him/her what he is missing and that will make him/her come running home soon. Sex chat! Yes! Sex chat! It isn’t sin. You are only protecting what is yours. Even the bible say when two lies, they produce heat so nobody is condemning you.
  • Use text messages a lot or write letters to express how you feel without him/her. That leisure time he/she was supposed to use in another man or woman’s arms will be used reading your lovely letters or texts.

In distance relationships, your sex life which ignites your love will take a huge toll, so you need to get creative in maintaining that relationship. Do these and share testimonies with others…..

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  1. jay

    wow…..it sure feels like exactly everything going on in my life right now…..I will be sure to engage in the tips which you so elaborately pointed out…. Thanks

    1. Ukamaka Doris

      Good! And I bet you, you won’t regret it❤❤❤

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