6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner




In as much as girls should be pampered and treated like princesses because they are fragile, soft and tender. Guys as well shouldn’t be rough handled in a relationship. That’s why its called relationship… Relating well to each other. Just few days ago, I posted the 10 things a man shouldn’t say to a lady he is dating for a successful relationship. Now, I am posting to the ladies too, things you shouldn’t say to a man you are in a relationship with… Do well to comply for a better and lovely relationship

6 Things A Lady Shouldn’t Say To Her Partner:

  • Your Ex is a bitch – Your boyfriend’s ex is probably a poor excuse for ranting out your anger. It will only create uneasiness for the both of you. He  will probably say you don’t trust him or that you are insecure. As obvious as it is that she sucks, it would be a mistake to reveal how you feel about her to your boyfriend. Guys don’t like hearing they are failures so telling him he dated a failure is a huge mistake. Any negative comment about a man’s ex, however should be avoided.
  • My closest girlfriends are really hot – why on earth would someone say that? See eh, all men are perverts. Do you then have to remind them how cute this girl is, thereby arising his pervert nature. Once you mention to your man that you think one of your closest girlfriend’s is especially good-looking or that you suspect she’d be great in bed, you open the floodgates of his imagination.
  • I don’t like this part of my body – There is always this particular part of our body we want to cut out. We feel we should have been better off without. Don’t make your man know about this. Carry yourself with uttermost dignity and pride. Don’t ever say to him you hate the way your leg is, that Tesy’s leg is straight. Because when you say so, you draw your boyfriend’s attention to your physical flaws, and you poison yourself with toxic thought. Make fun of yourself all you want, how short you are or how fat you are but don’t proclaim that you “hate” anything about the way you look.
  • When will you ever put a ring on this finger? – There is nothing more heart breaking to a guy than this question. Unless the guy doesn’t want to end up with you. All men have ego and for sure the man who loves you will want to end up with you, but when you throw that question at him, you leave him worried and feeling like a failure.
  •  I have bad several abortions – Who ask you? Definitely you guys must have talked about this in your early stage of relationship so why keep mentioning it? The guy might seem to be quiet about it but its sinking into his bones and he will let loose in any slightest arguments.
  • My Ex does it better – So why didn’t you stay with him? There is nothing belittling to a guy than been told another man does it better. Saying that can even make him not to want to satisfy you again since you will still prefer the other guy. It will only create an atmosphere of awkwardness and will make your boyfriend think he isn’t giving it to you like he should. Don’t make him feel there is a sex record from the past that he has to break.

As long as you are with him, he is the best. Avoid saying these things to your man in your relationship and enjoy a great relationship…

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