6 WaysTo Keep A Man In Love


If you are in a relationship with a guy who means the world to you, you probably want to make sure that he stays in love with you for good. Relationships worth having, call for a lot of hard work, patience and effort by both parties. It isn’t always a walk in the park or a visit to the shoprite. You need to work to keep your partner in love with you, and he needs to work to maintain your love, as well. Indicate to him that you appreciate him. When a person gets more comfortable in a relationship, it is not uncommon for her to take it for granted, we become too relent and restful and forget to show her partner how appreciated he is.

Here, I listed out 6 ways we can still make that man love us and be with us always

  • Appreciate him – We should look your boyfriend in the eye and tell him how grateful you are to have him in your life. Make him feel loved and appreciated, whether it’s with a simple “I love you” or a close embrace in the morning before he leaves for work or when he comes back in the evening.
  • Look good for him – In a relationship, it is crucial for both people to make an attempt to look good for each other. You can do this by staying physically fit, dressing nicely or engaging in proper grooming routines. Do not get so comfortable with your boyfriend that you stop trying to impress him. It is okay for your boyfriend to see you in sweats with your hair up in a bun sometimes, but you also need to remind him of one of the things that attracted him to you in the first place.
  • Think like him – One effective way for women to keep their partners
    in love is by learning how to think like men, like him. It is certainly no secret that men and women often times share absolutely different
    interests. To connect with your man, go out of your way to learn about the things that make him tick, whether it’s sports or his
    job. Knowing about and understanding his passions can do wonders in bringing you closer to him and keeping him head-over-heels in love with you. If he likes football, ask him which club won and how did they win, pay attention as he narrates, it won’t kill to just sit for few minutes and listen to the “jagons”. Trust me, he will say you are a good listener.
  • Give him space – To maintain a healthy relationship, it is important
    for both parties to be independent and have their own lives. If you
    are together too much, you don’t have any opportunity to miss each
    other, either. Make him miss you, don’t wrap yourself around him all the time or accuse him unnecessarily. Make it a point to spend regular time apart. For
    example, he can go out with his best buddies alone on Friday
    nights, can visit few friends and you can watch the latest movie with your girlfriends or go to the club. The more independent you are, the most interesting you will be to him when you are together, as well, because you will have stories to give when you meet.
  • Be honest. One of the most vital components to a relationship is
    honesty and openness. Do not hide things from your boyfriend.
    Create an environment that is trusting, free and safe. The safer he
    feels in the relationship, the happier he will be around you.
  • Respect him – Show him respect in front of his friends, when he says stop, stop. When he says let’s go, don’t argue, just leave with him. That way, his friends will be the one telling him you are so obedient in case he doesn’t notice.

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