7 Different Places To Make Love That Keeps The Fire Burning In Your Relationship

Many people tend to relax and feel too free after they are married or in their relationship because they feel they are “settled”. Meanwhile, that shouldn’t be the case. Whether married or engaged or courting, you have to do those things you did that attracted the person to you. Buy flowers, gifts, send messages and call often. Don’t be too relaxed, else you will chase your partner away to the arms of another who is ready to please her/him. Many marriages today have lost its fantasy because the man meets the woman only when they want to make babies or when he is in the mood, forgetting the mood of the woman too.

In marriage, your body belongs to one another, not to you again so even if you aren’t in the mood but your partner is showing signs of being in the mood, walk up to her/him and give it to him/her. Don’t deny him/her this right, don’t starve him/her.

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There are many places to make love to your partner apart from the bedroom, in fact the bedrrom is boring these days. Make it fun! Do it somewhere else but not the bedroom!

Here are some places you can make love to your partner that will leave them thinking of you always:

1. The car: You have a car, that car isn’t meant for driving alone. It can serve as a place of fun. Don’t border if its going to be jumping up when you are in the act, just make love to your partner inside it. It will add more spice to your relationship and marriage and your partner will be yearning for it, making him/her to stick to you.

2. The kitchen – This is another place that makes sex fun, when the kids must have gone out, put aside the spoons and forks you kept  on the table and make love to your partner there….. Its fun you know?

3. The office – Your man has his personal office? Walk in into that office and seduce him, your life shouldn’t be boring. Pack lunch, visit him once in a while, it will make people to be jealous of you two and add more fun to your relationship and marriage.

4. The garden – The garden is another place to make love to your partner but you will be careful with this in case the kids come running back home. Make sure its safe from visitors and children.

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5. The bathtub – In case you don’t have a bathtub, the walls of the bathroom can do. Just make love to your partner amidst having your bath. The soap and the water even gives you easy penetration #winks#

6. The Sitting Room – The cushions can serve as bed here, use it to your satisfaction.

7. The bedroom – This is the commonly used place for us. But in as much as we use this, we can still make it fun by going crazy there. Don’t make this place look boring, go beyond what we normally do there and explore each other’s body.

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