8 Reasons why You Should Be Faithful To Your Partner

Faithfulness is like respect, it is reciprocal. When one is faithful to another, the conscience of the latter judges him/her if he/her doesn’t reciprocate, in order words, being faithful to your lover encourages your lover to be faithful to you, unless circumstances must have made the person to do what he/she doesn’t want. I tell you, one who is unfaithful doesn’t enjoy it, something must have made her/him to go into such act.

Read below, why it is important to be faithful and from there, find out why you haven’t been faithful and amend your ways…. Repentance is only too late in the grave, not when you are alive.

1. Being faithful to your spouse makes your relationship/marriage last. – Who wouldn’t love to be happy in his/her relationship. It doesn’t pay to be jumping from one person to another just because you aren’t the faithful type. It won’t definitely take you anything to enjoy just one person. It irritates when I hear words like “I can’t eat one py for 2 months” I don’t get it, generate two py then for your woman if you can’t eat one. Just know that marriage or relationship won’t end well if you continue that way because the quickest and easiest way to end your relationship is by cheating.

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2. Being faithful boosts your sex life – Faithfulness is sexy. We all feel safe having sex with our spouse knowing he/she isn’t a flirt. We do all sort of styles, last longer, don’t use condoms and even swallow up the sperm all because we trust he/she is doing it only to us. So that which you are looking for elsewhere, you have in a platter of gold. Don’t run around rather teach her/him what you want to be given.

3. Being faithful makes you focus on your relationship/marriage – When you have them all gathered around you, your resources definitely are going to them too. I rather put it this way, it’s more expensive to maintain a side chick than your main chick, you know why? Side chicks know they aren’t wanted but are used for fun so they keep demanding. I can’t be giving you satisfaction while you don’t take care of me off cause. They tend to threaten you so you have to succumb and they don’t consider if you are broke now or buoyant but your spouse understands all these, do you still have to cheat on him/her when she/he is there for you? Stay with your spouse I say and enjoy peace of mind.

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4. God is faithful, strive to be like God. God is the true definition of love. If you claim you love that your spouse, cheating isn’t a way to express it. I do ask myself “Jesus has the power to avoid dying on the cross, He would have just do some magic and run off but He stayed because He loves us” That is how it works in your relationship, stay faithful because you love this spouse of yours.

5. Faithfulness sets the right example for your children – Our children learn from our Actions. A small boy who watched the mother beaten psychologically won’t escape beating his wife, so to say a child who watches the mother cheating on the father won’t escape living such like. Remember the adage, like mother like daughter or like father like son. It’s a true adage.

6. Being faithful makes your spouse proud of you – I have seen some relationship and marriage where the man will say ‘God forbid! Me leave my wife and travel for two months? She will get lost” Such words don’t show trust. Your spouse already knows what you are capable of, you have become like a dog that needs to be chained, which shouldn’t be so. Strive to be that person your spouse will say “Yes, I can leave her and travel and she won’t do anything stupid because she is a faithful wife”.

7. Unfaithfulness brings diseases – Why won’t you contact diseases when you are busy sleeping around? You don’t even know the person you are having sex with. And for them to engage in such with you, knowing fully well you belong to another means they have several persons they engage in such with thereby creating a big way for infections to come. Be careful. The person doesn’t have your interest at heart, she/he can give you disease without minding.

8. Being faithful makes people around to respect you as well. No respect will be given to that “brother that has many sisters”

There is no gain in cheating, no joy afterwards, just pain, unloved and regrets. Cheating, in fact shows how low you stooped. Sadly, you destroy something so great you have when you cheat.

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