A Must Know For A Healthy Relationship

Here’s a quick one I think we ought to know. We should strive to be the best we can in every situation and also accept every other person’s best.

Being in relationship or looking for someone who fits is like finding a needle in a hay sack. If you are looking for beautiful and handsome, you’ve not seen cute! If you are looking for someone rich, believe me people get rich everyday. The only way to make it work, survive and be steadfast in it is to accept and love you partner’s uniqueness which might be unpleasant to you, believe me, no one is perfect. His/her flaws is what makes him/her unique and can help you tell which is which even when presented with a clone. Make her your princess and she will make you her knight in shiny armor.

So why not try to give it you best shot and make room for love and happiness? Let’s have your say…

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  1. jay

    Damn!!! this one got me good…..wise saying!

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