Adeola Proposes To GF, Describes Her With Proverbs 18:22


Nothing gives joy than marrying the right person… Rather, marrying your best friend. Words won’t be enough to describe it. Adeola couldn’t hold it back but studied his Bible so he can describe girlfriend very well.

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Read his post on IG below:

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord. -Proverbs 18:22 What is a Wife? The first Biblical usage of the word wife is found in Genesis 2:21-25 when God made a woman from Adam’s RIB. Here we have the concept of a ONE flesh relationship in marriage is established. The Hebrew word for wife is ‘ish-shaw’ which is the feminine form of “ish,” which means husband. Conceptually, as the woman was an extension from the man, the word for wife is also an extension of the word for man. With the technical references out the way these two statements resonate in me how I feel about Kourt. She honestly is an extension of me, she has been supportive of me with any crazy idea or plan I try to accomplish. So, if deciding she can potentially be a wife for me was a ‘No Brainer’! The only thing was more so when will she be my wife. You know you have found a GOOD woman when everything about her makes you smile :)! July 14, 2017 best day of my life! Asking my best friend to take the next step with me. All the preparation stress and keeping her out the loop, truly made for a remarkable result. Seeing how happy she was I knew it was all worth it. #ProjectKourtSaysYesWasASuccess. Thank you everyone that made this day special. #AtariAndChrystal @lo___ok_atme @_cmitch you guys are the real MVP, BJ @wideowt4 thanks so much for stepping in and helping me out!!!!! 📸 YnotImages @ynot_images

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Congrats dear…. Happy married life in advance..


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