Be Careful Of The Lives You Affect

I just don’t understand most families. These days it seems they mostly resort to violence when settling every misunderstanding. I mean, who does that? When you lack proper understanding, communication, tolerance and having in mind the main reason you entered such relationship, then there’s bound to be chaos! This was how a couple that constantly nagged and fought over inconsequential things transferred their aggression to their kids and now they seem to resort to the same violence all the time. They fight all the time and if you end up trying to separate them, they might just include you  no matter your age.

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Come to think of it, if you don’t set the proper example for you kids to follow, who then will you? How will these kids learn the value and essence of family, having each other’s back, being united and also tolerate each other when those that ought to set the example are seriously lacking in that aspect.

When such children grow up living in that sort environment, it not only affects their view of life but also the way they will handle other relations. We really need to tolerate each other’s misdeeds no matter how hard it may be, especially when you have young ones looking up to you and equally trying to learn from you to be better.

Let’s not forget that we all reap what we sow at some point. What do you really think?

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