Can You Imagine! Reason Why Man Slits Newly Wedded Wife’s Throat Will Shock You

Arben Rexha, a married man, has admitted killing his wife by slitting her throat because he thought she was lying about being a virgin when they met.
Man cuts wife's throat because she lied about being a virgin
According to a report by Metro UK, Arben Rexha attacked his wife, Elidona Demiraj in Graham Street, Islington, in January last year, after becoming obsessed about her previous partners.
The attack was so brutal that the 32-year-old Albanian almost decapitated Elidona, 25, three months after she moved to the UK from Albania.
Job centre worker Rexha was convinced his wife had had an abortion during a former relationship, the Old Bailey heard.
Prosecutor Richard Christie QC said: ‘She had been with him, they were married and were living together – an arranged marriage has been completed and that is why she came here.’
The prosecutor said that at the time of her death at their home they had been living together for 12 weeks.
In the days leading up to her death, Elidona stayed with friends in Luton because the couple had been having. He went to see her and she returned home with him.
The prosecutor said: ‘He thought that she was seeing someone else and it made him a bit jealous.’
Rexha told police about his obsession with Elidona’s previous relationships and whether she had had an abortion. He also told them that he thought she had been raped by another man.
Mr Christie said: ‘He recalled that he became obsessed with her virginity and tried to find information on the internet about how to tell if someone was a virgin.’
Her body was found on the couple’s bed with multiple stab wounds to her neck and arms. Rexha admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility.
He will be sentenced on February 2 after psychological assessments have been carried out.

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