Capturing your Bridal Preps – Do I or Don’t I?

Capturing your Bridal Preps – Do I or Don’t I?

Can’t decide on whether or not to have bridal preps for your wedding day? We believe that they help set the tone for the rest of your day.  By giving you and your photographer that little bit extra time on the day before the ceremony starts, to go over the day, help set your nerves at ease and generally just have a bit of fun with your bridesmaids. For other Wedding and household tips, tricks and just general advice pop over to A Blog for Creatives.

Bridal Preps help you capture those last moments with the people closest to you, mum, dad, your best man, your bridesmaids.  The look in your daddy’s eyes as he sees you for the first time in your dress. Helping him do his tie up and fix his buttonhole. That last glass of champagne with your girls.  All these amazing memories captured forever. With a video add-on, you get so much more, the video camera always captures those little bits that everyone misses. Kids running around just being kids, raw emotions on your parent’s faces.  All the things that you don’t see because of the speed the day happens at.

For most brides, the big day is a nerve racking experience, and if you are like a lot of brides, you won’t like being the centre of attention.  This hour with your photographer before the big event really help to put your fears at ease and will also help to go through any last-minute changes you may have made or want with regard to your photography for the day.

Based in Belfast, Shine Pics cover the whole or Northern Ireland and Ireland and are available for Single or Dual Photographer/Videographer packages.  We also offer Selfie Mirrors for your Evening Entertainment.

Below is a wedding video compilation showing some bridal preps for both men and woman.  You can see more videos by Shine Pics on their YouTube Wedding Photography Channel. (embed video)

originally appeared on A Blog for Creatives on 28 June 2017.

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