Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding
participants. But some brides have failed to understand that not only is wedding dresses depending on religion and culture but to individually as well. As a bride, you should look at your figure and know the right wedding dress for you. Don’t just choose because your friend who is slim wore that during her wedding and you being fleshy will get that same type. I bet you, some of your cleavages and curves will be too revealing. Again, I say, stand in front of a mirror and know what to go get. Have in mind it will be sleeveless if you are slim, it will have net for cover if you are fat, straight or ball gown, stone white or net all through. This will help you getting the right wedding dress and will prevent someone confusing you.

I have below some wedding dresses for the right individual… Study them well and develop your ideas from them.

1. For the slim brides – If you are a slim figure bride reading this, I can tell you are smiling right away because here is the perfect dress for your wedding. A straight-cut gown won’t be bad, it will bring out your full shape especially if you add artificial hips and bums #winks#. If you choose to wear a ball gown too, that is perfect! The good news is that your body goes for everything so go rock that wedding dress!

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2. For the plump brides – I love plump brides in their wedding dress, they always look full and fed. I am not mocking the slim figure tho. But the plump ones look good especially when they choose the best fitting wedding dress. Don’t look at that slim girl that wore sleeveless. Look at your hand, if its too big, wear something that will cover it. Look at your burst, if it is full, get a gown without v-neck. You should look beautiful not disgusting.

3. For the pregnant brides – No one wants to be a pregnant bride. We usually visualize ourselves fitting and beautiful without disturbance so we can dance and twist our bodies. Well, such a perfect vision but if the mistake has been done, you wouldn’t remove the baby. So look your best amidst the cramps. Get a wedding dress that will make you free, one you can dance in, breathe well in and not clinging to your body.


I guess the above will give you idea of how to go choosing your right wedding dress.

Don’t forget to drop in your questions or let us in in any idea…..

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