Could it be that Harrysongs presumably lied about his twins?

So, it’s been discovered that Mr Harrysongz has presumably lied about the birth of his twins he announced earlier, Perez and Tarela.

Guess the names he gave to his kids (Perez and Tarela ) may have sold him off but maybe it’s the colour on the skin of the infants that did but hey , we can’t question Biology , it’s genetically possible to have that kind of situation . See his supposed pictures:

Well, it was actually discovered that the images the singer used as his are not actually his! One would definitely be skeptical after the seeing the quality of the images he shared though , durrh! it’s your kids’ photos , so why are the images quality poor ?!

See where the images originated from and be thrilled :

How can one lie about something like this? Let us in on your take by dropping your comments.

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