Couple Prepare To Renew Their wedding Vows As Wife And Wife After Husband’s Transition

After transition

The Kent couple first wedded in 1996 after dating for a year, but now they want to remarry as the husband transitioned to a woman.

Denise, 44, and Kristiana Taylor, 49, had their first wedding in 1996 after dating for a year. As they grew older in their marriage, Kristiana, who used to be a man, disclosed to her partner Denise, with whom they have a 14-year-old son, that she wanted to be a woman.

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“I always had my suspicions that she secretly wished he was a woman. So it was a relief when it became open between us. I was fine with it,” says Denise, adding that when she married her, it was not because of her appearance but rather her heart.

Couple on their wedding in 2010

Kristina commenced the transition to becoming a woman about five years ago. She is soon going to realize her dream of being in a same sex marriage. “We will now both wear the dress,” says the ex-soldier.
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According to the couple, wedding preparations are in top gear and some 60 odd guests have been invited. Also expected are their friends and relatives who have been very supportive. The wedding date has been slated for August 17.

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