Don’t settle for less

The broom is quite an important item in every home, its relevance is prevelent in homes as it leaves everywhere neat and clean and tidy. Infact, it’s one thing you can’t do without! it is needed, very accessible and affordable as well as essential and I can’t imagine a home, work place,market,hospital and the rest being without a broom. It kick starts your day, leaves the environment clean and habitable.

But despite its usefulness and importance, it is never kept amongst valuables and only looked for when the need arise. Infact, we keep it at the back of the door and it is already our everyday norm that can not be changed, we met it that way.

Come to think of it, some people do live like the broom. Some equally do not regard themselves as being important. Do not be like that and refuse to be treated that way as well. Carry yourself with dignity, respect, have self confidence and walk out of a fruitless and meaningless company. Keep your head up and know that you are a priceless jewel.

There’s always someone or something out there that isn’t ashamed of you, that knows your worth and values it. Mingle with such people and keep your self esteem high, see yourself as someone great and can easily achieve anything as far as you put your mind to it. Always strive to live a simple life worthy of emulation and full of admiration. Do not settle for less.

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