Former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke Makes A ‘Come Back’

Dethroned beauty queen Chidinma Okeke reveals life after her ‘cucumber video’ went viral. In a recent interview, she talked about her supposed downfall and her fight to keep her head up and mentioned how her family supported her up until she released her debut song titled friends.

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In the recent interview, Chidinma Okeke opened up on healing after the tape went viral and showed her as a morally inadequate African girl to the rest of the world. The video which may have been her downfall however, is becoming a stepping stone for her to emerge as a rising star. She revealed that the video changed a lot of things but more importantly, taught her many lessons about life, friends, trust and betrayal.

Talking about life after the incident, she said: “I was able to heal with the help of God and my family. I talked to myself because I know I had so much to give out there. I was surrounded with people that were encouraging me to move on with what I wanted to do and not give up on my dreams and I took their advice. Now I am a stronger and better person.”

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On what led her to sing her debut song titled Friends, she said: “What inspired the song was after the whole crisis, the incident was centralised on friends so I thought to do music about the whole stuff (incident) and that is how friends came about.” Speaking on what the song means, she added that “The song Friends is generally about friends and it is passing across a message to people out there to be careful of people they call friends because not everybody is happy that you are going up there.”

Hope she is here for good this time.

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