Going through high school is a self-learning curve, and you will make mistakes along the way – especially during your first year. Here are some of them to avoid

Going through high school is a self-learning curve, and you will make mistakes along the way – especially during your first year. Here are some of them to avoid.

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There are many mistakes many of us made during our freshman year of high school, and it resulted in valuable lessons along the way. The path to your college actually starts when you are in high school, especially during your freshman year, so it is important to be aware of possible pitfalls so that it does not affect your overall life goals.

Your GPA matters more than you think, whenever it comes to admission in college courses – and it gets even more serious when you remember that the person in charge of your future is you, not your teachers or parents. Even if high school is a fun experience for you, senior year and admission letters to college will definitely sober you up before you know it – so it is important to start preparing as soon as possible and make your transcripts look good.

Therefore, it is good to steer clear of the following mistakes many make during freshman year:

Thinking that only senior year counts for college

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There is a common belief that freshman year does not count towards your future college life or anything else really, so people will tend to neglect their academic performance.

Contrary to popular belief though, your overall grade percentages actually include your grades from freshman year, in addition to grades from later years. You do not want to jeopardize your chances of doing what you want later; so make sure you do your best even at this stage.

Neglecting your grades and concentrating too much on your social life

We are not saying that you do not make friends or hang out with them because of your studies – everything must have a balance, and it is a good thing to have friends. However, putting all your effort into making friends and attending social events might cause a detrimental effect on your studies.

For your assured success in getting into college, you should keep up your grades as best as you can, and that will give you more opportunities and career options. High school is not forever either, so do not let it affect the rest of your life negatively because of some bad choices you made.

Missing homework and skipping class

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Being a delinquent may seem cool at the teenage stage, simply because you are trying to assert yourself as you grow. However, it is detrimental to your progress in your education, as teachers will always share important information during class.

You may never know the subjects you may like if you skip almost all of them, or even what you want to study later on for your degree. Homework assignments are even better because they assist you to know the subject matter at a deeper level, and this can help you when taking ACT or SAT tests later on.

Failing to do missed assignments

Not all teachers are bad, and they may allow you to have some extra time to do assignments and submit them – as long as you have a good relationship with them.

Do not take advantage of their kindness though – just because you are late in submitting the assignment does not excuse you from doing it in the first place. You might score lower points overall because you were late in submitting it, but it is better than missing it completely and getting no score. In addition, assignments help you to remember the material you studied in class much better than reading notes would.

Failing to involve yourself in extracurricular activity

You may not know it, but colleges also consider you if you have participated in extracurricular activities. Many students will tell you that they do not have any time for these activities, but they are actually beneficial – they help you make some friends and encourage you to explore and develop other skills outside of academics.

That also does not mean you sign up for every activity you see or that looks interesting; even involvement in one or two clubs is enough to help you grow as an all-rounded person. It is also better to be dedicated to a few activities, instead of spreading yourself too thin by joining too many activities.

Assumptions that you are failing because the teacher ‘hates you’.

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In life, we should not let personal feelings get in the way of accomplishing what we want – your future and the path you take is entirely up to you.

It goes without saying that you will not get along with everyone in your life, and it may be true that a certain teacher does not like you. However, that does not give you permission to give up, because you can seek help from a friend, classmate or another teacher, or even talking to your counselor. If you are willing to put in the work, you will succeed no matter what circumstances you face.

Failing to ask for help

Chances are high you will run into problems at school at some point. It is important to remember that there are people present to help you – your teachers, parents, and even friends. They can offer you support when you need it, and give you much needed advice.

Counselors and teachers are in their professions because they want to see students succeeding in life – like NV Recovery village being genuinely interested in helping addicts recover – so use their help when you need it.

Failing to ask questions in class

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This fear arises because you do not want to look stupid in front of your peers. However, keep in mind that no question is stupid – except the one that is not asked. Growing also means that you accept that you do not have all the answers of life, and you need to ask questions if you are going to know the answers.

Final thoughts

High school is a stage of life you will never forget, simply due to all the lessons you will learn, in addition to learning about priorities. Makes sure you do not lose sight of your goal in the midst of all the exciting things happening – every experience is a chance for you to grow in your confidence and esteem.


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