He abandoned me and is now back!


In December 2015, I made a list of qualities I wanted my new boyfriend to have. Since I knew I would find someone come 2016. I thought it was a good idea to make that list to start with. I visualized and wrote in my journal for a couple of days and then I stopped. I totally forgot about it. So after 6 months, somewhere in July 2016, I saw a guy at a party. I felt s attracted to him! I knew who he was, because in the past he used to date someone I used to be friends with.

After some days passed I just couldn’t get him off my mind and had a strong urge to send him a message on Facebook or some other social media channel. At the same time it also felt kinda wrong because he dated a girl I knew. Two weeks passed and he was still very clear in my mind. So I decided to just send him the message.

From that day forward I understood why. We were inseparable. We clicked right away. I felt that he was the guy I was searching for my entire life! But as the months passed, the doubts and insecurities crept in when the girl i used to be friends with starting sending me messages to leave the father of her baby alone. I never knew she had a child or rather he has a child! And so did the fights and arguments. He kept denying the baby. Then 5 months later he decided he did not see a future for us anymore. I was devastated. He was gone for months, only to return this year that he is sorry and he cannot do without me. I still love him but each time I ask about his daughter with the girl I used to be friends with, he flares up and the girl even sent me a congratulatory message. I still can’t believe something fishy isn’t going on and I can’t still get him off my Mind.

I need some advice pls. Hide my identity pls….

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