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This is a brief story of a woman “Ann” who went through  trauma because she got married to a man who she thought was right only to change when his drinking habit increased. She explained thus;

“I married an abusive man who had a severe drinking problem. He would take days off of work, drink terribly and become particularly abusive.

I became pregnant and it didn’t stop him from knocking me down, shaking me, and pushing me into walls. I put up with it because I loved him. He never remembered the things he would do so I would blame the alcohol instead of him.

Our relationship became so bad that i almost got sacked from work. I had to cope and find a way out. I started taking pictures of the damages he did to me and the home. I kept a detailed record day to day. One day he passed out with a glass of beer while holding my baby. Even though I had low self esteem, I was strong when it came to my child. When he left the house, I notified the police and sent him to jail. I moved out while he was in jail and I am staying with my family.

My baby made me stronger. I put up with a lot of abuse, but he only had to fail as a parent once for me to take my baby and flee for safety.

What I would say to someone who is being abused is to keep everything documented and kept at work or a friend’s place. Take pictures, keep articles of clothing with blood, keep the broken items, make copies of keys, take all important paperwork and family momentos.

Someday you will have the strength to leave – you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved”

Hope this encourage and inspire someone out there. You shouldn’t stand for less and after numerous attempts to try and fix it but it still remains the same, then find a way out. We have our lives to live.


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