How Much Does It Really Cost To Be a Wedding Guest



How much does it really cost to be a wedding guest? A lot more than you can imagine. A wedding guest buys almost what the bride buys. According to a study, the average wedding guest spent $888 per wedding in 2016. In case you are doubting the possibility of that, let’s take you back to the last wedding you attended. A good friend of yours gave you an invitation letter, asked you if you can be among the bridal train, you rejected or accepted. Anyways, as a bridal train or not, you are single and probably searching. You reasoned “I might see my prince charming there” coupled with the fact that she told you “look your good Cindy, the next one will be yours”. So the thoughts filled your head and you started making plans towards that. You got things you didn’t notice you never had. Got to your wardrobe, found the dresses old all of a sudden, so you bought one.


Either skirt and blouse or gown.

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Then you thought of how unmatching to your outfit your necklace is so you decided to get the fitting one.

Ouch! Your earrings has to be the same as the necklace too.

And the bangles as well….

Oh! Of course my shoes! I have to get nice ones too..

Have I thought of bag? I need one….

Ah! Yes, I am ready for this wedding. Now its the hair to make to fit my outfit, short or long hair style?

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Done with my outfit, I need to save some amount for my travel. Then there’s often, but not always, overnight accommodation. So I tell you, its really expensive to be a wedding guest. As the bride prepares expensively, so do the guests too.

In case I left out other expenses, add it in the comment box below…

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