Husband Takes Wife To Court For Using Prayer As An Excuse To Starve Him Sexually

   A man who has become really vexed with his wife’s unacceptable actions, has taken concrete steps to correct the unusual.

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A woman’s addictions to prayer has driven her husband into complaining of been starved sexually.
According to Bulawayo 24, the Zimbabwean man, Brighton Moyo opened up at the civil court saying, his wife Rufaro Madzivanzira had no time for s*x and children as she always goes for prayers and comes back late.
Moyo was applying for custody of the children when he dragged Madzivanzira to court seeking legal right to take all the children from her.
He said Madzivanzira had no time for their children anymore as she goes to prayers every day, as well as for him in bedroom also.
He added that his former wife would leave early in the morning for prayers coming back very late, not leaving food behind, there by making their children starve since there was no one to cook for them.
“Rufaro had no time for our children, not even for me in bed; she made me starve”. “She would leave early in the morning and come back late from her prayers making our kids spend the whole day without food,” he said.
Madzivanzira agreed to the allegation that she spent whole days at church but disagreed to the fact she lets her children go without food.
She also said that she had her own reasons she cannot disclose to the public why she denied her husband his conjugal rights.
“I cannot be that much heartless to my children I’m a mother, yes I went for prayers but I would leave them with food to sustain them for the time I will be away”. “As for s*x issues my husband is talking about, I have my reasons I cannot tell before the court as I also believe that every house has its own issues,” she said.
She added that she cannot give Moyo their female children pointing a number of reasons why he cannot take care of female children.
The presiding Magistrate Muridzo ordered the couple to bring their children to court on Friday so that they could decide on their own which parent they are comfortable to stay with.
        Didn’t the church say the man’s body belongs to the woman and the woman’s body to the man? Why the denial? Or is there more to that than this? We will keep you updated, meanwhile, let’s have your opinions on this.

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