Inner Rubbles


Sometimes when it seems all hope is lost and the moon isn’t smiling at you again, keep living and never give up. That side u want to give up to might not be the best. Life isn’t a bed of roses but some people have had enough of these thorns that they need to smell roses a little. When I talk of such people, I talk of myself.
My name is Isabella but my family and friends call me Bella. I am a very beautiful girl, I have got the right things at the right place. I am what you can say fearfully and wonderfully created by God #giggles#. I grew up with grandmother, my Parents died before I was of age. Father died in a ghastly motor accident, he was a driver and mother died of heart attack few months after father died #sniffs nose#. My two younger siblings – Annah and Abraham were given out to my auntie so grandmother won’t have to feel the burden of training us and feeding us. I did everything for grandmother, for example, during the farming season, I work from trilling the land to cultivating, planting and weeding and harvesting #shrugs shoulder#. Don’t forget the selling and hawking too. That’s how food comes by for me and my siblings, grandmother always sends for to my aunties due to the fact my siblings live with them. God bless grandmother.
After west African Examinations, I made all my papers and grandmother swore to send me to the university. I took jamb and I made it. I sat for my school post ume and scored high mark so I got admission on merit to study English in university of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu state. Grandmother needed to cut a lot of cost so I moved in to stay in the school hostel. I was allocated to a room that had 3 other higher students in and as the youngest of them all, it didn’t take them time to lure me to their lifestyles. They started with giving me lots of clothes and make up kits and shoes. I would go for lectures and peole who knew how haggard I was before would be telling me “Bella, you have change oo. You look very cute now”. I started enjoying the flatteries from male classmates as well. It was exciting belonging…#smiles#. Little did I know that all that glitters isn’t gold. I followed them severally to logde parties, clubs and birthday parties and got introduced to older men, I was only 19years old then. In one of the parties, I got drunk and I was asked to rock a guy in one of the games, devil’s basket. I gave the said guy good lap dances and twerks and just after that, my room mates made me join a dancing group in the school. I then got worst, always having a party to attend and dance. It wasn’t hard before men and boys started asking me out. I obliged at first but I later yielded to their lust and became very hot among my pals.

We would enter a party ground and scatter the party. It was fun. Then, I started supporting grandmother to train my younger ones. In the mist of all these, I never left my books, I was hardworking and studious because I know where I came from. I would come back from such parties and burn my candles and God has blessed me with a retentive memory and intelligence so i had to only read small and it sticks there. By the end of the semester, I had As and B’s. That brought a quarrel between me and my friends when we saw our results the following semester. They called me wet blanket and a deceiver but the quarrel only lasted for only few weeks as we got invited to come and dance in a lodge party. It was in that party that I met Chuks…. Mtchew! And my life turned upside down!




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