Jocelyn Accuses Father Of Giving Her Away To R kelly, Says Calling Her A Hostage Is A Disaster

In the midst of all the allegations on R Kelly for adding 21years young Jocelyn Savage to his women sex cults, Jocelyn Savage had made a claim that her father knows more than he’s saying about her involvement with R. Kelly. In an interview, she told her father to stop embarrassing her, that the interview he granted claiming she’s a hostage is a complete disaster.

Joycelyn made this claim to her sources who told TMZ that Timothy Savage, her father, with his daughter went to live with the singer R kelly. Timothy made a plan with other people around, when Jocelyn was 19, that she will go live with R kelly after she and R kelly met at a concert, so she will develop very well as a singer.

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Jocelyn aslo stated that her father, Timothy dropped her off at a friend’s house who then took her to R Kelly’s house.

Could this be true?😕😱

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