Just How Important Is Sex To My Relationship


Sex is lovely and magical, it heals injuries, unites two, fills up a vacuum and acts as a metabolic immune booster that fights the ageing process. Sex can be a much more passionate experience when you share it with a meaningful partner. Sex may feel like
a mere means of pleasure and fun but there is a lot of good side of it that can add up the spice in your relationship.

To some people sex may seem overrated, like its dirty, its a sin when done between two unmarried partners. Well, it is a sin. Hold yourself if you can till you get married, I am actually talking to married and unmarried couples now.

I am going to go ahead and tell you why sex is crucial for your relationship.

  • Keeps you connected to each other – I have got to notice that a lady who just got satisfied by her man or a man who just made love to his partner keep thinking of the person, he/she unknowingly will start listing out the good side of the other person… Why? Because there is a connection that was passed between them during the sex. I remember my friend asking me one day “Doris, you are glowing, did you just made love? That is exactly the feeling we get when we make love to our partner.. We glow.  A sexless relationship can become vulnerable over time and therefore, you need sex to
    keep the fire burning.
  • Keeps stress at bay – Sex, though a work on its own, relaxes the bones. Research has shown  that sex releases a feel-good chemical in the brain, which reduces stress
    levels. Instead of resorting to some pain reliefs, just engage in a heated sex session to improve your well being and strengthen your relationship.
  • Keeps the romance alive and going – Sex may seem like a physical activity but it has an emotional appeal to it, enough sex keeps the romance in your relationship burning. Sex solves problems like depression and anxiety, makes you trust your partner and can even settle a quarrel. Some couples always end up on bed whenever they have arguments. That’s one way of ending depression and argument and keeping the fire alive.
  • Keeps you both healthy – Sex can also benefit your overall health. Sex can also make you more flexible. Makes you agile, active and stronger, because you are releasing the sperm you have accumulated for a long time.

This ensures that it not only keeps you and your partner healthy but also keeps your relationship vibrant. Sex is an intimate experience, which can bring you closer to your partner not just physically but emotionally. Your bedroom chemistry can also improve the chemistry in your relationship. So go out there and make love  to your partner jor… #winks#

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