Kylie Jenner Of The Kardashians Sells The First House She Bought

Kylie Jenner has decided to let go the very first house she bought and equally made a good profit from the sale. Meanwhile, she has other 3 houses in that areas, including the one she rents to her brother Rob.
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Kylie bought the Calabasas home for $2.6 million in 2015 and spent a lot of money to renovate. After making up her mind to sell, the asking price was $3.3 million but she ended up selling it for less.

The Calabasas  5, 100 sq. ft. pad was bought by Bellami Hair founder Nikki Eslami for $3.15 million. TMZ reports that she put the 6 bed, 7 bath house on the market for $3.9 mil in June 2016, but dropped the price in April to $3.3 million when there were no buyers then eventually sold for $3.15 million. Inspite of the reduction in the asking price, she still came out a little ahead of the deal.
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For a 19 year old, she sure pulls a lot of weight don’t you think…

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