Let’s set it straight

Emerging trends in lifestyles can sometimes make one who is considered focused in life, lose focus. There are experiences garnered from such that can leave you stunned and threaten to question your kind of life, if it is worth the sacrifice.
Some affinities do go through such confusion. For instance, as a man or woman, what would you do after years of devotion and dedication to giving your relationship the very best only to be sidelined because there seem to be no spark to what is being shared or reciprocated? Do you see other couples and feel indifferent about yours and wish it that way or a little bit extra?
Having this kind of thought often bring about disparities, coupled with conflict of emotions, dissatisfaction and calling attention to how best other relationships are.
But have you stopped to wonder why a book should not be judged by its cover? Things are not usually as it seems. You should not be devoid of remedy or solution because you may not be able to handle what those relationships have and also endured that has brought them to the lime light of your attention. At least striving to maintain balance and bearing in mind that it must not always be a bed of roses come close to solving this.
But really, should we be the architect of what our relationships should be like or let other relationships shape and mould it into accordance?

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