Life After Marriage Ceremony…. Stress-free Or Stress?

Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them. It is principally an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually sexual , are acknowledged. When one marries, changes are inevitable, especially in a woman’s life. That which you tend to do before gets stopped and that which you hate forces you to like it. Such is marriage.

Let’s see few of the things we are talking about below:

1. Clothing – The clothes you wear drastically changes. You start dressing more “decent” because you aren’t trying to seduce anyone anymore.                                                            

2. Food – You don’t eat whatever you like anymore or the quantity you like, you will be forced to see your kids have eaten and your parents as well of they are staying with you before you eat.                                               

3. Wake up time – you just have to wake up on time. The kids need to get to school on time, hubby needs to eat before work and you have some cleaning to do before you head to work.                                                    

4. Hair do – Off cause hair do don’t necessarily change but imagine going to the salon to spend 5 hours having your hair done when your 6months baby is crying at home or do the one your baby will be puling out with her hands.                                     

5. Movies – you don’t even get to watch your favorite movies for 9 hours because your kids will want to change it to their cartoon network.                                                           

6. Shopping – you shop more of groceries than shoes and bags.           

7. Scrub the dishes – you spend time scrubbing the dishes and keeping the home neat than scrubbing your body. That doesn’t mean you will be dirty though.                                            

8. Managing home – No matter your position at work and how busy you are, you must be the manager of your home.                                                      You may also like: 15 Things A Wife Can Do To Mess Up Her Marriage

9. Maintaining your wagging tongue – You must learn to keep silent and ignore the bullshits coming from the hubby’s parents else you will labeled a bad wife.                                        

10. The tummy – Most women fear this. Try as much as possible to maintain the sexy stomach. It won’t be the same for sure but strive to look your best…

A good wife isn’t a stressful job, it takes just wisdom and understanding. Wisdom to ignore some certain things and understanding to know those things should be ignored. A life without marriage isn’t blissful, that’s why we say marriage is blissful. And truly it is beautiful and blissful.. Go enjoy your marriages!

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