Man Kills His Boss For Rejecting His Love Proposal

A 25-year-old man had to end the life of his 68-year-old boss for rejecting his love proposal. It was gathered that a young man who felt scorned after his boss turned down his love proposal, decided to kill and burn her as a punishment. According to reports, the 25-year-old Zimbabwean man identified as Emmanuel Sibanda, was arrested for the murder of his 68-year-old boss, Mrs Jerina Chipato. Sibanda, a domestic worker, had reportedly made a love proposal to Chipato and proceeded to kill and burn her house with her body in it, after she rejected him. He even ‘called for help’ after his employer burnt to death in her kitchen, trying to provide a backstory as to why he wasn’t a suspect. Narrating what transpired, the prosecutor, Mr Daniel Tapfuma, said: “Sibanda went on to attack the now deceased by striking her once on her head with a dry log and she fell on the ground unconscious. The accused went on to drag the deceased into her kitchen hut and set alight the thatched roof. The matter came to light when the accused’s bedroom hut was searched, leading to the recovery of Sibanda’s clothes which were stained with blood. The deceased’s cellphone was also found hidden in his clothes.” Confessing to his crime, Sibanda said in a written statement: “She then asked me to go and fetch water at night and we had a misunderstanding and I struck her with a log on the head. I then dragged her body to her kitchen hut and lit it to cover up the offence since it wasn’t my intention to kill her.” The suspect who was arraigned for murder at a magistrate court  was advised to apply for bail at the high court.

The things people can do sha, what do you think?


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