Man Proposes To GF In A BreathTaking Way

When I hear men talking of how scared they are to propose to their girlfriend because they fear rejection, I smile.

Watch: Video: Phil Proposes To GF In A Romantic Way

I tell you, there are ways you will propose to your girlfriend, no jupiter can stop her from accepting. You have known this girl for a long time I guess, so you should be able to know if she wants it crowdy or lonely, you should also know if she likes surprises or not, you should tell if she is romantic or shy. When you consider and put to work all these things, she wouldn’t have reason to reject the ring. Just do something different in a way she will likes.

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This video here got me wishing for an engagement ring.. This is the ideal proposal I will ever wish for

I couldn’t stop the tears flowing… Happy married life dears

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