One Best Wedding Tip In Vogue When It’s Winter Time



This time of year, there are more than a few recently engaged couples making the rounds on the wedding circuit. So many engaged couples are fixated on the weather channel and environs at least two weeks prior to their big day trying to determine what the weather forecast will be on the day of their wedding. Some may be smitten with the thought of how the guests would ignore the wedding because of the rain, others will be thinking if the guests will come on time. Normally, guests don’t attend such weddings or they wait till the rain comes down. Others would be reasoning of the possibilities of bugs which can be a bit of a turn-off. No one would love to have her/his Italian clothes drenched with rain, the sparkling shoes watered.

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Nevertheless, if you are a couple waiting to say “I do” and the weather is frustrating, waiting for a full year for summer to come by is just too long to wait to say “I do” when everyone is making his/her wedding the best wedding so far. Adopt your own style in this season and make your wedding the best wedding vogue ever.

Here is one idea that can make your winter wedding look beautiful.

The use of umbrellas can make your wedding day a beautiful one, one can even go beyond that to wear rain-boots. when I say rain-boots,I means stylish expensive ones. Get your bridesmaids to have the same umbrellas, colorful ones.

Umbrellas can be included in the color of the day outfit for all guests as long as you don’t have to wait for a whole year for summer to come.

Trust me, you will have the whole town talking about your wedding for years.

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