Pastor Pushes Wife Down The Stairs

A Nigerian pastor, David Steven, from Edo State who resides in Netherlands had allegedly beaten his wife, Vivian, to her point of death.

Photos were posted on Facebook yesterday showing his battered and beaten wife in the hospital. David had been accused of always beating the wife, which he denied but immediately the photos started going viral, David recorded a Facebook live video where he denied hitting his wife and claimed she fell down the stairs. “The truth is that I didn’t lay my finger on my wife. I didn’t beat her. I cannot beat an enemy like that. I can not lay my physical fist on her. I didn’t beat her. She fell in the steps and hit her face on the ground. How I wish I could fly ahead to save her but the truth is I couldn’t. There is only one question I ask; why should such a thing happen.” He had said in the video. “I was scared she could attack, she may grab my male organ and that may be very dangerous because of the way she was very wild so to try to protect myself I push her hand away.” He said again contracting himself.

In another post, he called on God of vengeance to fight for his wife Vivian, which he titled “Vengeance from God for Vivian”, he spoke of the Lion of the tribe of Judah becoming very angry and visiting those who wish Vivian dead. He quoted bible verses and cursed those who wish his wife dead. Read his post below:

“May they never see tomorrow. May they die in her place. If I’m the one that wish Vivian dead. May I die in her place,” he said.

😕😕.. God of vengeance has visited him with confusion first.


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3 Thoughts to “Pastor Pushes Wife Down The Stairs”

  1. Chinonso

    these pastors won’t read their bible and follow God’s instruction on loving their wife as Christ loves them… mtschew

    1. Ukamaka Doris

      And they will still stand at that pulpit preaching what?

    2. Chisom Nwoye

      Most of them don’t practice what they preach…

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