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Opaque life is a neutral interactive platform where we bring you rising issues regarding relationship, marriage and family. Prompted by the need to solve the daily abuses, injuries, heartbreaks we face in our relationship, marriage and family, Opaque Life came to play.
Just like they say, two is better than one. It is equally created in order to share in the joy and pain of others and equally provide viable solutions.
I’ve personally been abused in my relationship as well, I often regarded myself as being timid, young and inferior most times. I equally grew up to get awful comments on how short, ugly and fat i am. This spurred me into always struggling to get hold and maintain the many relationships I entered because i was of the notion that if he leaves me, no one will ever accept me, or so I thought.
But hey, you don’t struggle to be loved, you just get loved.
I grew up seeing a mother treated badly by her family members amidst confusion. I have seen husbands and wives living a life of “if not for my kids”, I have seen where minor things lead to separation and divorce, all these should have been solved in a better way.
Here we are offering you platform to better solve these kind of problem. We decided to create this blog to help each other solve these problems, it is really devastating not to be loved by the one you love but there are sure ways to get loved. Let’s help one another here by sending in good and helpful comments to any problem shared.

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    well said… Im in on this one

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