Beyonce’s Twins: Rumi And Sir Carter Avoid The Glare Of Hollywood Spotlight


Beyonce and Jay Z are the parents to a brand new baby boy and baby girl, Rumi and Sir Carter, perhaps you have heard.

According to various celebrity gossip outlets, the superstars are taking care of the little kids in a rented mansion and are making every effort to avoid the spotlight for the time being. They don’t want to expose little Rumi or little Sir to the glare of the Hollywood spotlight at such a tender age.

However, the birth certificate for the twins reveals some new information about each: Rumi is the oldest. She was born about a minute before her brother, at 5:13 a.m. on June 13. This official document also states that Dr. Paul Crane delivered the babies, the same doctor that delivered Kim Kardashian’s two kids, Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids and Black Chyna’s daughter.

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Futhermore, an earlier E! News report took us inside the new and exciting world of the kids’ parents. Beyonce is in good health. She’s eating well and keeping herself active, although she isn’t doing workouts at the moment, due to her C-section. Blue, the first child has got new responsibilities for her and the adjustment of no longer being the center of attention.


E! report says Blue is helping her parents as best she can when it comes to Rumi and Sir, changing their diapers and giving them a bath. How adorable right?


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