She Insists On Not Cooking Thrice Daily, Took To Wearing Leggings – Husband

As a male, while growing up, the general belief is that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but my wife is contesting that fact. She said it to my face that she can’t go through the rigour of preparing me food three times a day. I have therefore taken up the responsibility of cooking. I can no longer continue this way. She has pushed me to the wall, I therefore, want a divorce.

Olalekan Olayiwola, a businessman has begged Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Ibadan, Oyo State to dissolve his two-year-old union with his wife, Selimot Olayiwola, a teacher, on the ground that she’s stubborn and disrespectful. He added that she has neglected her responsibility of caring for the home.

“My lord, my wife has insisted that she can’t cook for me thrice a day. She prepares only breakfast and leaves me to sort myself for the remaining of the day. She gets back home from work around 6:00 pm everyday and her complaint ever is that she’s tired and needs to rest. I have never shirked my responsibility as breadwinner; I ensure there is always food at home, but they remain in the store many times untouched because my wife is not just willing to cook. Many times I sweat it out in the kitchen, but she’s not just bothered.

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“I once brought home my shop assistant to help me out in the kitchen; I thought she would be sober seeing both of us struggling with the cooking and would even come begging or apologising, but the reverse was the case. On sighting my shop assistant in our kitchen, she flared up and picked quarrel with me. Her complaint was that I brought a stranger in who turned her kitchen upside down.

I reported her to her brother who talked to her, but she refused to change. My wife is as stubborn as a she-goat. She will never listen to me, but loves to have her way.

She has failed to give me my due respect and addresses me anyhow even in the public, the plaintiff told the court.She’s also fond of nagging, abusing and cursing me. She once told me that since I have suddenly become proud because I own a car, she would make sure I end up trekking. I got annoyed when she said this and slapped her.

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My lord, my wife has now grown wings so much so that she flouts every instruction I give her.

I told her to always be in hijab since wearing trousers or indecent attires is prohibited in my home. But I was surprised to find my wife in leggings. I told her I would take her picture and show it to our alfas who mentor us spiritually. She fought and rained curses on me” he stated.

Responding, the defendant stated: “My lord, my husband is just being inconsiderate. I’m a teacher; I leave home early in the morning and return around 6:00 pm. Before leaving for work, I ensure his breakfast is served and when I return in the evening, though tired, I drop my bag and rush into the kitchen to prepare him dinner.

When he started complaining that he was missing his lunch and went further to report me to his family members, I was advised to prepare him both breakfast and lunch before leaving home in the morning. I took to this counsel and kept his lunch in a warmer, but he was still not yet satisfied.

He had often seen me in the leggings he complained about and never reacted until recently. My lord, my husband started finding faults in all that I do since a strange woman started paying him visits. He suddenly changed from being a loving husband to a brute. He doesn’t spare any opportunity at hitting me.”

The court president, after listening to the couple stated that they needed to be counseled.

He, therefore, adjourned the case till August, 2017.

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