Smart Weddings: Four Practical Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

“In marriage, each person should have a little pocket money and the freedom to have a little fun. It is healthy.” –Author Unknown

It has been a well-known fact that most brides spend more than necessary on their wedding day. Why? It is because of the standard belief that they will only get married once in their lives which is why they intend to make the most out of that one particular special day.


However, while your wedding might be one way, your marriage is for a lifetime. In this regard, you would soon need money to pay the bills you have accumulated during your wedding day. If paying for these bills drag on longer than necessary, it might take you months or even years to have a place of your own or have that dream honeymoon you have always wanted. But, this is not to say that you should skimp on all the elements you do want for your wedding in favor of a more practical approach. There is a myriad of ways you can hold the wedding of your dreams without going overboard with your expenses. One of those ways is to find an affordable wedding venue while the rest are less conventional techniques that you might not have even heard of.

In any case, if you want to have a wedding wherein you can cut down on your expenses, here are some of the unique and probably unheard ways of doing it:

  1. Do not go overboard on alcohol

Sure, booze and weddings go together like wine and cheese do but there is no reason to absolutely go all out on alcohol and spirits alone. Admittedly, contemporary weddings have now integrated the party theme aspect into the wedding venue wherein the place automatically transforms into a makeshift bar by the time the reception is over. This saves the couple and their guests some time from finding another place simply to party the night away. However, in lieu of offering a full-serviced bar, serve your guests wine, beer and one signature cocktail instead. Your guests really would not mind.

  1. Reuse floral arrangements

Once the wedding ceremony is over, ask your bridal entourage for their bouquets. To cut down on costs, use the very same bouquets they carried up and down the aisle as centerpieces for the reception as well. Moreover, other floral arrangements from your wedding ceremony can be used at the reception too. Do not leave your altar arrangements as well as the ones found on the aisle as these can be used to decorate the escort table and even serve as small centerpieces for long tables.

  1. Choose a simple cake

Let us be realistic here: No one really bothers to eat the cake save for a few token taste slices and nibbles here and there. In this regard, your wedding cake should not be an elaborate one with all the grandiose presentation. Opt for something simple and fairly straightforward—something which you can be sure that everyone would be able to enjoy and eat. After all, apart from the slicing of the cake and feeding each other nibbles, your guests are hardly likely going to get a slice for themselves. Moreover, instead of sugar flowers, use fresh flowers which would make your cake look far more aesthetic and would cost for far less.

  1. Cut the guest list

Before finalizing your guest list, take a gander at your drat first. Do you really know all those people? Or are you constrained to invite them just because a relative of yours wanted to bring them along? Moreover, how close are you really with these people? The truth is, the fewer your guests, the less expensive your wedding will be. Depending on which caterer you choose, you might be paying quite a lot just for an extra person to feed. Just cutting even ten guests or so from your list can already save you quite a lot.

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