The Extent We Take Life: Bestie For Life, Ghostie For Death?

Good evening CM. Do post pls. My best friend and I made a pact that we would get married together so that our friendship can last for ever. So, any guy that comes into our lives, even if the guy is serious and wants to get married, as far as one of us is not ready, then that guy would have to wait or walk. That's how we been doing until I met someone whom I fell inlove with while my best friend was single at that point. He proposes to me a year after we met but I turned him down bcos of my best friend, unknowingly to him tho. I just told him let's date more before talking marriage. After three years of dating him, my best friend found someone, a very lovely guy and mistakenly got pregnant for him six months after, so they started talking marriage. Now I'm ready to get married but my boyfriend isn't talking about it anymore. I told my best friend to hold on a little bit for me, she said she doesn't want her tummy to show on her dress, so they are carrying on with wedding plans. I'm so devastated, pls how do I make my boo come around about the wedding proposal without sounding desperate? Insults are not welcomed, thanks.

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