This Is Why You Are Still Single, Work On These 8 Things

Hello singles! Not having anyone close to call yours, someone to pamper you and show love when necessary can be a struggle. We all need that important person in our lives, who can fill that void, you try to see if you may be lucky to get or have that someone but without luck. It is due to the reasons mentioned below. Here are 8 reasons why your are single:

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1. Being too choosy.

Being too choosy reduces the number of potential partners, obviously. And the more choosy one is, the higher the likelihood of being single for a while longer.

2. When no one is asking.

This is often because potential partners think they are already taken or because they’re giving off a vibe of someone who is disinterested or unready.

3. Always waiting to be successful first.

For some others, guys especially, the need to be successful comes before the search for bae.

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4. Scared of intimacy.

For some reason, some people are single because they are scared and unwilling to open up themselves to the intimacy and affection that relationships are known for.

5. Trust problems.

Especially if a previous relationship ended terribly in a case of betrayal of trust, people tend to take their time before entering into another relationship, if ever.

6. Unsure of what they want.

There is also a class of single people who are single because of uncertainty. They can’t tell whether or not they even want to be in a relationship; and there are those who want relationships but can’t decide

7. When there is a recent breakup.

People are also single because they’ve only just broken up. They need time to heal from the hurt of their past relationship.

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8. Confused about life.

Confusion about love and other life issues is what makes some others remain single. Some are just bidding their time, working on themselves and their character. They are single because they are not ready for a relationship just yet.
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