Why I Had To Go Stark Naked On Instagram – Christabel Ekeh

We must have in one way or the other come across the unclad pictures of Christabel Ekeh, a Ghanian/Nigerian actress, no? She was stark naked! She was not wearing a thing! Well sha, she finally cleared the misconceptions concerning the motive behind her posting such pictures. Read: This is why you are still single, work on these

In the stark nude pictures, she was sitting bare, Yoga-style, backing the camera with an inscription ‘fuck u’ bold at her back and it doesn’t just end there, there are other poses as well!

Many people thought it couldn’t have been her sharing such obscenity, that her account could have been hacked. But hey, even her Instagram account is loaded with provocative pictures.

She cleared the air in an interview with Joy TV where she admitted posting them herself, saying she was only introducing ‘the new her’ to the world.

I want the world to see new Christabel. I was only introducing my new self. New Christabel is new, whoever you can imagine. That’s why I’m now wearing anything. So, whatever you want to wear on me, that’s your imagination.” She dismissed speculations that her account may have been hacked and the pictures were posted by someone else.

Could this be her new way to a bigger fame?

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